Travel & Hospitality

The agency’s passion is Travel and Hospitality. From launching boutique hotel properties, developing innovative multifaceted marketing campaigns for destinations and international hotel brands, Evoke understands the traveler mindset and the need for unique programs and promotions that translate to ongoing media coverage, to keep loyal guests coming back while also targeting new consumers.

Restaurants & Culinary

The Restaurant and Culinary industry is ever-changing bringing in new establishments and hot chefs in a New York minute. Evoke will help your brand navigate the competitive waters of the business to create an integrated public relations strategy that will help you launch, elevate and maintain your restaurant or culinary brands’ presence amongst diners, influencers, and the media. With our office in the center of the food capital of the world, our team is on top of the latest culinary trends and experiences to assure your brand remains relevant and timely.

Pet Care & Wellness

We are passionate animal lovers and truly understand the value and love that furry four-legged friends bring to our lives and to our communities. Our dedication to animals is seen through the work that Evoke does with PAWS of Greenwich. The nonprofit was founded by Principal, Jessica Del Guercio. The organization is working to make Greenwich, CT a more pet-friendly community by spearheading initiatives like revitalizing the town’s only dog park, promoting area adoptable pets, acting as a resource for Greenwich area pet owners, and much more. Today, Evoke works with various clients in the pet care and wellness space including veterinarians, non-profits, pet care business and more.


Consumer Lifestyle

With a deep passion and fondness for Lifestyle-driven products and services, Evoke loves to work with brands that honestly love what they do. From startup fashion, wellness or beauty brands, new retail experiences or existing products that need a boost, the agency resonates with target consumers and media by telling your brands’ unique story and connecting with proper partners and influencers.